We use Swim England's Learn To Swim Programme as a template for our award scheme. The Learn to Swim Programme is a comprehensive, progressive framework for teaching swimming, based upon sound, technical and educational principles. For more information and a breakdown of the syllabus click here. 

Once a swimmer makes sufficient progress within their group we discuss the possibility of changing to a different session time. 

We believe in testing pupils individually, continuously and on an informal basis, rather than an official test date per term. This gives the swimmer the opportunity to progress quicker according to his or her own ability rather than having to wait for a batch of swimmers to improve or a set date for testing.

The Learn to Swim Programme works towards increased distances, water skills, water safety and personal survival awards. At the same time we work towards improving stroke technique and speed. Badges and Certificates can be purchased at the desk once the swimmer receives a Badge Slip from their teacher.

We are also happy to test your child for their Brownies/Cubs Badges. Please bring in their handbook or a photocopy of the relevant syllabus.

Teachers are always happy to discuss your child's progress. For health & safety reasons this cannot be done on poolside during the lesson. Please feel free to telephone Jane to discuss any issues or questions you may have.