The block of lessons, as a guide, follow school terms, i.e. Autumn, Spring and Summer.

The cost of each course varies slightly depending on how many weeks are in that particular term. Please email or telephone to check availability for spaces and confirmation of the cost of the current course. Payment of fees is required termly in advance.

Lessons last for half an hour.

We will send out a renewal letter towards the end of term. Places for the forthcoming term will be guaranteed once payment and the renewal slip has been received by the given date.

 Pupil safety is our primary concern. Whilst we aim to make the swimming lessons as enjoyable as possible it must be remembered that the swimming pool can be a dangerous place if pool rules are not observed and respected. In order to achieve a healthy and safe environment all parents must abide by the Rules and Regulations which are sent with the information letter upon registration.

 Teachers are in the water for all of the non-swimmer and beginner lessons. It may be necessary to have physical contact for teaching and instruction and for providing comfort to a pupil in distress or to maintain safety. 

 Responsible persons must take under 8s into an 'opposite sex' changing room when there is no other responsible person with them to take them into a 'same sex' changing room.

Children over 8 years should change in correct gender changing room. Under the duty of care to safeguard children JH Swim School have a responsibility for the wellbeing and safety of children in the changing rooms and protection of all users.

 Please note that no photography or videos are permitted in the swimming pool area. In accordance with the ASA Child Protection Policy it is not permitted to take photographs or videos or film with any camera or mobile phone fitted with a photographic device.