Ability Grouping

The following details are a rough guide as to how we group our swimmers according to their ability. This enhances the swimmers' progress and enables them to improve at their own pace.


This is an essential stage in a child's aquatic development. We provide a fun, safe and enjoyable experience to assist in building water confidence and safety awareness.

Flotation/buoyancy aids may be used. 


At this stage a child will be more relaxed in the water and shows basic skills such as blowing bubbles, floating, submerging and jumping in. The beginner swimmer will begin to propel themselves through the water with much increased confidence.

Flotation/buoyancy aids may be used.

Beginners Plus:   

Those swimmers are beginning to swim unaided on their front and back with little help and for increased distances. Water skills will be developing, such as floating unaided, jumping in, submerging and picking up objects.Floats will be used as part practices to assist in working and developing certain parts of stroke technique.


At this stage swimmers are confident and swimming with 'long' arms over the water in front crawl and back crawl. Basic breastroke and butterfly will be introduced. Water skills will be improving and executed with greater confidence. Swimmers will be able to maintain the stroke technique over a greater distance, building up stamina.

Lane Swimmers:                                                  

Here, swimmers will be placed into one of four lanes according to their ability concentrating on improving stroke technique and developing a wide range of water skills.

Once a swimmer has moved up from their width group we integrate them gently into swimming half a length at a time building up to whole lengths. Please rest assured we will not expect swimmers to start churning out length upon length as soon as they move up to the lanes.

For those that are able to swim 25 metres plus, we vary the content of the lesson by introducing diving, deep water skills, personal survival and water safety/rescue techniques. We also work on stamina and speed and include starts and turns and advice for use during competitions/galas.