Rules and Regulations

For Health and Safety Reasons the following Rules and Regulations must be observed by all Parents, Carers and Swimmers - Completing and signing the Enrolment Form confirms that you have read and will comply with the Rules and Regulations.

  • Please ensure your child does not eat at least one hour before their swimming lessons. Failure to do so could result in your child vomiting and they could choke. If they are sick in the water the session will have to finish immediately, the pool will need urgent treatment and it will have to close for about 24 hours.
  • Please ensure you arrive on time for your child's lesson. Lessons last for 30 minutes.
  • Swimmers must blow their noses and go to the lavatory before their lesson.
  • All jewellery must be removed - Hair tied back, preferably a hat worn.
  • Swimmers must not run on poolside.
  • Swimmers must wait until they are called on to poolside by one of the instructors or assistants.
  • Swimmers must not enter the water until the teacher has instructed them to do so.
  • Swimmers must look at and listen carefully to the instructor at all times.
  • Swimmers must not fool around in the water especially with other swimmers.
  • Boys must wear tight fitting trunks and not baggy, Bermuda style shorts.
  • Girls must wear one-piece costumes and not bikinis.
  • It is the parents' and/or carers' responsibility to supervise their child/children (or those they are in charge of) in the changing area and the car park area.
  • Clothing, shoes, valuables, belongings and/or any items left in the changing room whilst unattended is the responsibility of the parent or adult bringing the child to their swimming lessons. JH Swim School cannot be held responsible for any losses or damage.

  • Parents must not disturb the teacher during the lesson or come on to poolside for any reason. This is for Health & Safety reasons.
  • In accordance with the ASA Child Protection Policy it is not permitted to take photographs or video pictures or film with any camera or mobile phones with photographic facilities.
  • Responsible persons accompanying children to a pool should take under 8s into an 'opposite sex' changing room when there is no other responsible person with them to take them into a 'same sex' changing room. Children over the age of 8 should change in the correct gender changing room. Under the duty of care to safeguard children JH Swim school have a responsibility for the well being and safety of children in the changing rooms and protection of all users.   Please refer to separate detailed Safeguarding/Changing Room Policy
  • If your child has been suffering from diarrhoea and/or vomiting please leave a period of 48 hours before returning to swimming.

  • If your child has a verruca it would be appreciated if you could keep it covered whilst in the changing room, corridor and poolside with a latex pool sock and treated with a formula such as Bazuka.

  • The parent/carer must notify Jane Hayman if there is any change to the child's medical condition or if any new medication has been prescribed.

  • Please note that refunds will not be issued in the event of non-attendance unless in the case of exceptional circumstances, such as an operation or accident. If agreed, this will be in the form of a credit against the following term's fees.

This list is often reviewed as and when issues arise and subject to amendment at any time.